Thursday, November 29, 2012

The music of silent roses

Walking through the lovely garden,
I winked at the beautiful, colourful butterfly,
I giggled at the deep, blue cloud,
I waived at the happy, yellow lily,

Then I felt a drop of tear, saw a sad face, unheard a longing
I had stamped upon the fresh, green grass,
I had made the beautiful leaf cry,
I had unheard the music of silent roses.

Lovingly I looked at my Father,
He smiled at the regret in my heart,
He looked at the realization of my soul,
He waived at the plea of my joined hands,

I promised love to the grass, the leaf and the roses,
And then, I walked on and on,
Over the crying grass, leaving the weeping leaf
Unaware of the music of silent roses
And then, I walked on and on.