Thursday, November 8, 2012

Extreme Summers? Extreme Winters? Or Spring it is…

Well, most people I know love Spring as it reflects stability and life, while I’ve almost always loved extreme winters; to the extent of having a butterscotch and then a much needed cup of Latte.  Even mathematicians love the middle part of normal distribution and hate the outliers. But, when I look back at life, I realize the importance of these extremes. I’ve come across Autowallah who took a wrong path and I ended up getting down at an awkward place at a not so good time but I’ve also dealt with the one who returned after 35 minutes after leaving the other three people all the way just because he had said he would. I’ve seen people picking up a ten rupee note when they know who it belongs to, but I’ve also been fortunate to see a poor rickshaw puller returning somebody’s wallet. Way back, I received an anonymous gift packet which had a small idol of Krishna and a note that said “To the most honest person I’ve met. Wish you very best in life.” I never mentioned about it to anyone but my parents. I felt fortunate and prayed to Krishna to help me become a good human being. And then, on one of the days I received an anonymous packet which had a book titled “Fifty Shades of Grey” and I felt disgusted, disrespected and what not. For a moment, I felt, perhaps, that book was not even worth being used as a toilet paper (no offence to the author or the admirers of erotic literature) and felt disgusted to a degree which was unknown till then. After wasting some time in thinking what might have driven someone to send me an offensive gift, I somehow saw that small Krishna on my table and smiled. Then, it came to my mind that my today’s prayer meant “He, by whom the world is not agitated and whom the world cannot agitate, he who remains calm in times of joy, anger, fear and anxiety, is dear to me.”  It’s only through negative infinity that we realize the positivity of positive infinity; it’s important for us to see the worst to be able to appreciate the best a little better. And without any exaggeration, a small bad happening, makes all the good ones a little dearer. It’s worthy enough to go through the worst for a moment if it creates greater love and respect for all the best moments and people you’ve met forever.