Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I dreamt a dream

I dreamt a dream,
A dream of beautiful butterflies,
Of royal house, of lush-green garden,
Of peaceful doves, of deep blue water.

I dreamt a dream,
A dream of selfless love,
Of pure beauty, of blissful happiness,
Of innate satisfaction, of wise enlightment,

I dreamt a dream,
A dream of unwavering faith,
Of innocent smiles, of pure blessings,
Of honest heart, of conscious soul.

I dreamt a dream,
Woken up by the knocks of suspicion,
I saw the half-burnt souls, fake smiles,
Preferring slumber of ignorance

I dreamt a dream,
I dream my dream in every breath,
For my people, for my faith,
For His love, for His blessings!!