Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Small things matter, yes they do!

Well, an old student of mine came to visit me today and while conversing raised a question "How does it matter if i am honest, if i am good, if i am sincere when rest everyone is not. How, the fact that i don't pay a bribe, would matter in a system which is immersed in corruption?" This one's for him. Yes, small things matter. They do. As an individual, i might be smaller than a speck on the great wall of universe, or may be even lesser but it matters; It matters to me, it matters to those who love me, it matters to those who respect me, it matters to my parents, my mentor, my teachers; it does. This reminds me of the story of Ramayana. When the bridge was being built on the ocean, it was being built by an army of monkeys, bears and vultures - all majestic creatures. A squirrel tried to help in the construction of the bridge and she was laughed at by monkeys. However, when Ram noticed, he acknowledged her effort and desire, and blessed her(that's why squirrels have stripes). What do you think was the contribution of that squirrel in the construction of the bridge? Nothing may be, that's true! Did it matter for the construction of the bridge? No, it didn't. But there's something more to it. It mattered to the squirrel, to Ram. And that outweighs everything or for that sake everyone else!


Aman said...

Koi bechaara bachcha aaya.... use hi bakra bana liya... In your words "Oh God!" Matlab koi kuch bole kya, ab toh tune kahaniyan bhi sunaani shuru kar din hain... bada dangerous maamla hai ye toh..