Friday, November 5, 2010

God's response to child.....

My dearest child,

My child, i know you, i remember you and i see you every moment. We've met many times. Infact, you're my sweet and innocent child and i send my angels also to meet you. Remember that shining rose flower which seemed to smile at you that morning? It was my angel.. That beautiful butterfly, which comes to see you every evening is also my angel.. And those rain drops, which you enjoy, they're my angels too.. Also, your papa and mom, they are two angels i've sent to take care of you. Still we can meet whenever you want... And my child i am not on holidays, sometimes i just want my children to learn themselves... I know my earth has not been doing well... But i've been working hard to make people realize the importance of goodness and truth... But they never listen to me, they prefer the idols they have created as those cannot speak... Those who have faith on me are not poor or unhappy... They are always happy and relaxed and make everyone else too happy.... How can i help someone who doesn't even believe in me! I know you believe that i can do everything and i've all the power... I appreciate your knowledge... But i want to tell you that i am also bounded by karma... If you do something wrong, i may only give you the strength to undergo its atonement and forgive you but i cannot decrease the pain, yours sins are going to give you... I know all this does not sound convincing to you... But that's the truth... All those who you can see suffering have done something wrong somewhere... I promise you, if you have faith on me, believe my words for the time being... Right now you're too young my child to understand all this... But when you grow up you would know what i mean.... Though, i am bad at scolding, i've scolded my manager and also told your mom to make Rajma Chawal for you... She says she cannot make them everyday as it is not good for your health... I know you are thinking i've not answered the question that confused you the most and that i am trying to be smart, just as you tell your papa when he doesn't want to answer you... As for karna, you're too young to understand the intricacies and it's a puzzle for life... One day you would understand Krishna's foresight and appreciate it... And one thing that i want to tell you... Be good always the way you are and you will find me besides you always!

Your loving father,

A child's letter to God...

Dear God,

I am sure You don't remember me, though papa says You know everything. They've told alot about You but it seems they never told You anything about me. They say i am Your creation but i've never met You. Though, i've always believed my mom and papa can do everything, papa says You are much stronger than him and have all the power to do what he cannot do. Even mom agrees with papa and says you're omnipotent. Infact, mom also says You're there everywhere.... something that she calls omni... omnipresent.. It seems to me that like my uncle who is a CEO, you too go on holidays... And keep your phone switched off... But it came to my mind today only that i could send you a letter from a speed post.. I am writing You this short letter to tell You that Your earth has not been doing well... God i saw Mahabharata, i want to ask you... i always liked Karna.. He was nice... Daadi says You are Krishna, then why did Krishna not help that nice man... I think the man who made the serial has done some mistake... Only You can tell him what is it... And also, i want to tell you everyone is fighting... Even monitors of the class are fighting with everyone... Why don't You give a lot of money to everyone..? You've everything.. Daadi says You're infinite... God, i want to ask You why are some people poor..? Why does that child on the street not have his papa and mom to give him good clothes, food and lots of teddys? Also, i request you to create people with a little more brain and very big hearts... Papa was saying that the products of his factory aren't nice when his manager does not see to things... Please scold Your manager... I have many questions. But i've to do a lot of homework, mom will scold me if i don't do my work... My homework is on Adolf Hitler.. I don't know why my teacher wants me to know about such a cruel man... Thank you for reading.... Mom says You are busy taking care of everyone.... I'll write more tomorrow... And please ask mom to make Rajma Chawal for me everyday... She will definitely agree with whatever you say...

Your loving Child(Papa says You're everyone's Father)