Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When cocoon breaks

When a caterpillar comes out of cocoon, expecting a cool breeze, it witnesses a hot storm carrying with it the stones and dirt. The purity of heart, sanctity of thoughts and selflessness of actions gets entangled in the threads of power, money and self-interest often garnished with a silver layer of love for family and friends, and adaptability with society, misleading the darkness beneath as being the sweetness. And the day is not far, when we treat our own, so called deeply embedded, carefully laid principles of honesty, truthfulness, benevolence and generosity as convicts. And that’s not all, we make them stand in our brain’s court of justice, forgetting that this brain is no more a word of our consciousness, inner self but is instead drained with doubt, disloyalty, greed and vanity. A brain, whose trustful rope of judgment with Him has reduced to a thin chord still trying to harmonize the relation with the half burnt soul(trying to overcome the monster of desires all alone). And the gems, honesty and generosity are questioned like convicts and potential criminals. The corrupt judge oversees all the arguments of the honest lawyer, the soul but believes the fake proofs of beautiful eyes. And the trial goes on and on, with honesty and generosity being questioned cruelly, eternally and the soul trying to liberate them every moment from the tyrannies of our own heart and so called intellect!